Special Duty Assignments 

Posse members may also be assigned to special details which may be planned and/or recurring community events or which may be required as a response to unanticipated emergencies.  A few examples of Special Duty Assignments are:

  • Crowd/Traffic control and security for planned events such as parades, fairs or sporting events
  • Assisting law enforcement operations required in the event of natural disasters
  • Assisting in searches for lost persons
  • Crime scene protection or gathering evidence
  • Working at child fingerprinting/identification events as requested by schools or other community service organizations
  • Assisting deputies in serving warrants
  • Assisting detention officers in searches for contraband at detention facilities
  • Assisting in law enforcement operations
  • DUI
  • Auto Theft
  • Arson
  • Training

Enforcement Support Posse

Patrol Assistance

  • Helping to keep our Deputies on Patrol.  Encompassing over 9,200 square miles, Maricopa County is larger than seven states and the District of Columbia.  With a population of over 4.1 million, it is the 4th most populous county in the country.  Residents of over 7,700 square miles (84.4%) of Maricopa County which is unincorporated, along with those in contract cities rely on MCSO for law enforcement services.
  • That's a lot of ground for deputies to cover, especially in the rural and outlying areas.  Just the process of transporting one arrestee and booking him/her into jail can take a deputy out of their patrol area for hours.  Posse members routinely perform these duties allowing deputies to stay in their areas of patrol, thus reducing the response time when a resident of Maricopa County calls for service.
  • In addition, most deputies patrol their beats in solo cars.  Help is often many miles away, forcing deputies to sometimes face dangerous situations alone and without backup.  Specially trained Qualified Armed Posse (QAP) members also serve as partners for deputies and while on patrol provide necessary backup to our deputies, helping to improve officer safety.

Patrol Vehicle Reservation